Graphite processing

Woyong produces excellent graphite processing equipment

In China WoYong factory has dozens of graphite production customers, their annual output value is very high, and some annual output value can reach billions of yuan. Therefore, WoYong specially develops various types of graphite processing equipment for them, and optimizes the processing process for them, so that their production capacity is higher.


Graphite processing equipment is different from ordinary processing equipment, graphite processing equipment must have a high enough dust proof design, so that the failure rate of the machine tool can be lower. WoYong has more than ten years of industry experience in this regard, so that customers can be more assured.


There are many kinds of graphite processing equipment: turning machine tool, milling machine tool, combined machine tool of turning and milling, double spindle milling machine tool, four spindle milling machine tool and so on. And can realize automatic processing, so that enterprises save labor