Mold Making

Inclined bed CNC cutting center makes your products more accurate

WoYong factory production of inclined bed CNC cutting center has high precision, equipment positioning accuracy of 0.002mm machining accuracy is up to 0.006mm, the machine moving speed is also very fast, can achieve fast tool change.

The inclined bed CNC cutting center is very suitable for the production and manufacturing of Mlod Making, and the ultra-high precision of the equipment is bound to bring ultra-high precision products, so that your guests are more satisfied, so that you have more orders to do.

The CNC cutting center has a complete model system, which can be applied to the processing of large, medium and small products, so that the machine tool selection is no longer troubling you, you can send the commonly used products to us, we can help you choose the CNC machine tool suitable for you according to your needs, so that your money is more valuable