Aerospace / Defense

Reducing Your Overall Costs so You Can Win More Jobs

With today’s increasing passenger traffic and sustained aerospace and defense spending, there is a high demand for aerospace and defense parts, including landing gear and engine components. Okuma machine users win and retain customers by delivering high-precision results with competitive pricing. Aerospace and defense manufacturers can choose from a variety of WoYong  models that are specifically crafted for their needs, ranging from our horizontal machining centers to 5-axis and multitasking machines. In addition, we’ve established our Aerospace Center of Excellence to help you explore, test and prove out your machines and processes.

WoYong machines are built to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, providing a platform that lasts for decades and ultimately yields the lowest cost per part. While WoYong machines deliver an outstanding lifetime low cost of ownership, flexible manufacturing systems can enhance the productivity of WoYong horizontal and 5-axis machining centers by allowing for unattended runs, lights-out aerospace machining and reduced non-cutting time due to setups and changeovers. This all leads to the desired result for any aerospace and defense manufacturer: the ability to place competitive bids and win more jobs.